Proprietary software

In 2004 we started developing our own Smstools software. Meanwhile, we have amply demonstrated the soundness of our services. Our software is extremely stable and 100% reliable. We keep Smstools continuously up-to-date and we are always adding new features.

Uitgebreide SMS diensten

Wide range of SMS services

With smstools you can simply send text messages, but also take advantage of extensive and optional services.
We have fitting solutions for ...

Extremely reliable - high delivery quality

Smstools makes use of an intelligent backup system. Our SMS traffic is continuously monitored and adjusted where necessary. Messages that were not delivered initially receive a full detailed report (eg. Number nonexistent) and they will be resent through a backup system at a later time.

24/7, 365 days a year

The Smstools platform is functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has an uptime of 99.99%. Our servers are hosted by Nucleus, one of the best web hosting providers in Belgium. We use a Cloud hosting with an SLA gold packet. We monitor our network and our services continuously from our office in Dilsen-Stokkem (Belgium) and we have all the necessary backup systems.

Cheapest versus quality = the difference

Surely you can find service providers on the internet that are cheaper than Smstools. But the joy of the cheapest SMS purchase is over quickly when you notice that a big part of your SMS messages never arrived. That's the difference with the service of Smstools. SMS sendings by Smstools have a high delivery quality and you can always count on our 24/7 support. Already more than 10 000 users have relied on us!


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