Versatile and comprehensive

Our SMS software includes a lot of features which makes it useful for various applications. Whether you want to send text messages for your customer communications, SMS mailings or informing your employees, Smstools is always the right tool.

Receive SMS messages in several ways

With Smstools you can use virtual mobile numbers, SIM hosting and shortcode keywords for receiving messages and automated processing.

Free use of our software and app

The use of our software and Control Panel app is completely free. We only charge for the sent SMS messages.

Smstools is a cloud service

Smstools is web-based software. Without having to install extra software you can use our SMS software for sending single, group or bulk SMS messages via any computer or smartphone with internet access.

Personalised messages

You can personalise text messages by adding variables from your address book: first name, last name or email address. You can import this data using CSV files (Excel).

Make groups and send to selections

You can create unlimited SMS groups and contacts in the phonebook and send to selections from groups (e.g. Anyone with zip code 1000).

Big sendings and quick deliveries

U can send to full groups (thousands of recipients) at once. SMS messages are delivered within 3 to 5 seconds.

Send long messages

With Smstools you can send long text messages that exceed 160 characters.

Automated and preset massages and actions

  • Send on a predefined date and time.
  • Check for duplicates and errors in SMS groups.
  • Automatically generate opt-in forms for your website.
  • Send automated birthday messages.
  • Reuse frequently used text templates.

Handy control panel four your account management

  • Order and pay your SMS credits online.
  • View the order history of all your orders.
  • Check the history of all your sendings including detailed delivery reports.
  • Receive an automated warning when you reach a certain number of SMS credits.

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