SMS services for events

Send bulk SMS promotions to your event audience or keep in touch with your event staff

Use examples

  • Promote your event or festival via text messages.
  • Stay in touch with your event staff through SMS messages.
  • Interact with your event visitors by letting them send a message to a mobile number and use their info to build SMS marketing databases.

Event promotion via bulk SMS

With our SMS software and Control Panel app you can use text messages as a promotion channel for reaching your target audience.

SMS ticketing

You can use Smstools in combination with Coupontools to offer pre-sale digital tickets or vouchers.

How does it work?

You can send an SMS with a URL in the text that links to a mobile ticket (e.g. entrance ticket, pre-paid voucher). The URL opens the ticket in the web browser of the receiving smartphone. Your visitors can pay for the digital ticket online in their smartphone.

You can also use our services for sending digital coupons via SMS. For instance, "50% Discount Tonight on champagne with this coupon". Every recipient receives a unique voucher (single-use) which can be validated on site. The coupons can be integrated in your POS through barcodes. More information on SMS tickets & coupons.

Interaction with your event visitors through text messages

Do you wish to organise a SMS voting or do you want visitors to send a text to a video screen?
With our virtual mobile numbers of SMS shortcode keywords you can receive these messages.

Example case

ID&T tomorrowland

The organisers of ID&T Tomorrowland have used our SMS services to stay in touch with their event staff.


Smstools has been supplying SMS services to event organisers for more than 15 years.

How can you use our services?

  • Use our SMS software to send SMS messages.
  • Use Email2SMS to send SMS messages through your email software.
  • Use our gateway API and connect your software or website to our SMS services.


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