Send text-to-speech voice messages.

Notify or keep your contacts up to date with an automated voice call. Recall appointments, share urgent information and inform.

Send voice calls via our SMS software or SMS gateway API and our software will convert your text into a voice message (text-to-speech). The recipients will receive your message as a phone call and they will hear your message as soon as they answer the phone.

You can send voice messages to mobile numbers, fixed numbers and VoIP numbers.

Technical information

For every text-2-speech call you receive delivery reports (successful, busy, non-existent). If the line is busy, our software will make up to 5 new attempts to deliver the message.

It is also possible for recipients to respond to the phone call via the software or gateway API . The recipient can press a button to answer.
E.g. "Press button 5 to confirm this message." This allows for an automated interaction between the sender and the receiver through a regular phone call.

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