What is an SMS shortcode keyword?

Speed up your response time and personalise your communication by using a shortened SMS number with a keyword.
For example, text "smstools + message" to 8888, in which smstools is the keyword and 8888 is the shortcode.
The shortcode can be a toll free number (8xxx) or a payed shortcode for which we charge 1 euro per sent message.
With our software you can automatically forward your incoming SMS messages to a specified email recipient, website, database or URL.

Possibilities of SMS shortcode keywords

  • Receive SMS messages from a shortcode keyword.
  • Incoming messages are immediately visible in the inbox of the control panel and Control Panel app.
  • Forward all incoming messages by email to one or more email recipients.
  • Forward all incoming messages to an API (webservice).
  • Auto Responders: send automatic responses or perform actions on incoming messages.

Advantages of SMS shortcode keywords

  • You can receive messages on a shortened number instead of a long cell phone number.
  • You can set toll free or paying responses for the sender.
  • Your SMS shortcode keyword operational 24/24h, 7/7 days.


  • An SMS shortcode keyword only works with Belgian mobile numbers. Foreign numbers can not send these short code numbers.
  • You pay for each received message.


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