SMS solutions for sports clubs

Communicate quickly and efficiently via SMS to team members, parents, trainers and other involved parties

So you can communicate training changes, cancellations, reminders,... by SMS. This saves you time and phone costs. What's more, you can be sure that your message will be read quickly by SMS, unlike e-mails. With Smstools you play short on the ball

What's special about Smstools?

  • SMS software to send text messages within a few clicks
  • Email2sms to send text messages via your email software
  • No license fee. Only your usage will be charged
  • Import existing contact lists
  • Group messages personalized to sender
  • One sub account for each responsible person
  • Choose a short code and receive response to your messages

The sub account manager

Through the sub-account manager, you can give a personal account to different managers such as trainers or youth coordinators. This way they can send targeted messages to their contacts. The main account remains responsible for the invoicing and purchase of text messages. The main account can also send umbrella messages to all contacts of each sub account.

Voorbeeld SMS

Example situations:

  • Covid-19 infection in your club.
  • Offsets
  • Changes in training sessions
  • Absence trainer
  • Memories of contests or events

How to use our SMS services

How do you do it ?

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