Use case: In-store SMS coupon

In-store SMS coupon

In-store SMS coupon


Enriching a physical experience with a digital experience is often defined as Phygital marketing. People physically present in the store could participate in a digital campaign.

Coupontools: Ecco designed the digital wheel of fortune coupon with the Coupontools software.  ECCO carefully set up the winning odds so that participants could only win the main prize once.  Thanks to the Coupontools software, each recipient could only use the coupon once.

Smstools: Ecco promoted the campaign through posters in the store. Visitors could text 'Spin ECCO' to a shortcode. In response, they received a message with a digital coupon URL. They could open this URL on the smartphone and then play the coupon in the browser. 

In-store SMS coupon
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