Use case: Vouchers per SMS

Customer care via SMS

Customer care via SMS


McDonald's Caspers has been focusing on handling customer complaints for years. Handling complaints allows McDonald's to transform a negative customer experience into a positive one. To digitize the current approach, McDonald's Caspers is collaborating with Coupontools and Smstools.

Coupontools: The digital vouchers, which customers receive after filing a complaint, were designed with the Coupontools software. These vouchers worth a free menu or drink can only be used once. After redeeming, the voucher becomes invalid. Thanks to this digital approach, McDonald's Caspers knows who redeems the voucher. That intel is vital information.

Smstools: The digital vouchers are automatically delivered by SMS to the respective customer. The customer receives the message, opens the voucher in the browser, and redeems this voucher at the checkout. Automatic sending is possible thanks to the connection between Coupontools, McDonald's' CRM system, and the Smstools software.

Customer care via SMS
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