Use case: Klachtenafhandeling per SMS

Customer care through SMS

Customer care through SMS


For years, KFC has been committed to successfully handling customer complaints to transform a negative customer experience into a positive one. To digitize the traditional approach, KFC collaborates closely with Coupontools and Smstools.

Coupontools: KFC sends paper vouchers by mail to customers who filed a complaint. To digitize this approach, KFC is collaborating with Coupontools. Thus, digital vouchers were designed and distributed. Thanks to the clever API connection between Coupontools, their current CRM system (Zendesk), and POS system (Aloha POS), automation is possible where needed. Thanks to the Coupontools software, this digital voucher can only be used once by the customer.

Smstools: Thanks to the connection between Coupontools and Smstools, the automatic distribution of the vouchers is a piece of cake. When the complaints are filed, KFC knows which customer filed the complaint, and the registered number for this customer receives an SMS message with a reimbursement voucher. In the SMS message, both the URL of the digital voucher and the unique voucher code is sent. The customer shows the code to the cashier, the cashier enters it in the POS, and upon successful validation, the customer can enjoy their voucher. 

Customer care through SMS
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