Use case: Crisiscommunicatie per SMS

Crisis communication through SMS

Crisis communication through SMS

Gemeente Diepenbeek

Since almost every individual has a cell phone, text messaging is the ideal communication tool to communicate rapidly, especially when reliability and speed are essential, such as a gas leak or a power blackout. This is an additional, free service that the municipality offers without obligation. Only those who have registered, receive the emergency text messages.

How does this work?
The municipality of Diepenbeek uses a Geographical Information System (GIS). With this system, they define the zone and send an SMS to all parties concerned within this radius with just a few clicks. For sending out text messages from the Geographical Information System, a connection was made with the Smstools software. The inhabitants' cell phone numbers are linked to their addresses. When defining the zone, everyone whose cell phone number is registered, receives a text message.

This convenient connection between GIS & Smstools means that action can be taken rapidly in emergencies. This way, you can easily inform all stakeholders about the seriousness of the situation in just a few clicks.

Crisis communication through SMS
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