How can I collect mobile numbers?

F.A.Q.: How can I collect mobile numbers?

Through your website:
You can generate an HTML form for your website in the control panel -> advanced settings.
You can select the fields yourself.
Your website visitors can sign up here, and their data is stored directly in the SMS database software.

Import databases:
You can also import CSV (Excel) in our software.
Our software automatically reformats all mobile numbers in the correct format.

Data collection via digital coupons:
You can create advanced mobile coupons and deals in combination with our software Coupontools.
In Coupontools, you can collect detailed customer data in various ways.

Mobile Marketing Kiosk:
You can collect cell phone numbers through a Mobile Marketing Kiosk.
You can allow customers to enter their cell phone numbers on your tablet in the store.
This feature is on-request, so you can only obtain this by requesting it.