Bulk SMS marketing software and API

Send bulk SMS messages to consumers by using the many possibilities of Smstools

SMS messages have a high attention value. Therefore an SMS message is the ideal medium for transmitting your marketing message in a personal and efficient way to consumers.

Our SMS software allows you to send targeted and personalised SMS marketing messages. Through bulk SMS marketing you can reach large groups at once and they can be easily be managed and deduplicated through our software.

Virtual mobile number

Through a virtual mobile number or a SMS shortcode keyword, you can receive responses to SMS messages quick and easy, such as the registration of an order. This makes the ROI of your marketing campaign immediately measurable.

SMS text promotions

You can use Smstools for sending personalised promotions in text form (e.g. "Hello ..., this weekend there's 20% off women's coats."). And we offer more: SMS promotions with digital coupons.

SMS promotions with digital coupons

In combination with our online tool Coupontools, you can send SMS with a mobile coupon.

How does it work?

You can send an SMS with a URL in the text that links to a mobile coupon. The URL opens the coupon in the web browser of the receiving smartphone. The mobile coupon can be used immediately or saved for later use. The mobile coupon and its URL can be created in Coupontools.

Wide range of options

You can choose regular coupons, digital scratch and win coupons, digital spin and win coupons, mobile wallet coupons etc. The coupons can be combined with any type of barcode, social login, integration of POS systems and online payments etc. Coupontools is the international leader in the field of mobile coupons.


Smstools has been providing SMS marketing services to companies in various sectors for more than 15 years

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Bulk SMS software Belgium and the Netherlands
Bulk SMS software Belgium and the Netherlands
Bulk SMS software Belgium and the Netherlands
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