Why bulk SMS is a must for schools and universities

Why bulk SMS is a must for schools and universities

Using the power of bulk texting, institutions keep parents informed, encourage employees, and quickly alert all threatened parties in an emergency. Bulk SMS messages act as an informative communication gateway and save lives in an unexpected crisis.

What is bulk SMS?
Bulk texting is sending many messages at once. With Smstools, this is a piece of cake. With its easy-to-navigate interface and practical customer service, our platform is a no-brainer solution for schools and universities that want to communicate effectively with parents, students, and staff.

Why bulk SMS is a must for schools and universities

Thousands of messages sent with the click

With Smstools, there is no limit to the number of messages you can send. After a few clicks of the button, thousands of employees, students, and parents can be alerted in case of need.

Unmistakable open ratio
The unbeatable open ratio is one of the biggest advantages of bulk text messaging. More than 98% of all text messages are opened and read within the first five minutes of receipt.
Why? Think about the last time your phone was not within reach. Or even better, how often have you looked at your smartphone today?

Keep parents and staff informed
Why rely on letters, automated telephone systems, or even massive e-mails?
Parents have other things on their minds. After a busy day at work, they may have time to look at a newsletter, but then the son or daughter should first hand it over.

The same applies to your staff. Keep them informed and inform them about last-minute adjustments, thanks to bulk text messages.

Handle emergencies promptly
The fast delivery time, plus the ability to communicate to thousands simultaneously with a simple click of a button, make bulk texting a suitable communication medium for schools and universities in crisis mode. Give priority to your students and the organization's safety by simply sending a distress signal that everyone can read.

When it comes to communication at school, bulk texting is easily the best solution.
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Why bulk SMS is a must for schools and universities

Why bulk SMS is a must for schools and universities
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