Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Bulk sms

Do you want to reach hundreds to thousands of people in one click? Then Smstools is hereby an indispensable tool for your business. With this tool you can send a bulk sms message to all corners of the world, from the Netherlands to Australia, it's all possible.
In this blog I will explain to you what a bulk sms exactly is and which advantages are attached to it.

What is a bulk sms?

A bulk sms is nothing more and nothing less than a mass sms. You send a text message with one click to a group of people. To 1000 people or 3 people at once, the choice is yours!

What are the benefits of bulk text messaging at Smstools?

  • User friendly
    Smstools is the most user-friendly platform to send a bulk sms to all your recipients. Sending a bulk sms has never been easier.
  • Personalized sms messages
    With Smstools, you can fully personalize bulk text messages. This is because with Smstools you can import an address book from a CSV file from Excel. Data that you can import include, for example, name, email address,...
  • Send long messages
    With Smstools, unlike most applications, you can also send long text messages in bulk. You can send text messages of more than 160 characters.
  • Large sendings
    With bulk texting, you can send more than 1000 text messages at the same time. This saves you a lot of time as a business that you can put into something else. It also increases the ease of use. Everyone would rather send 1 000 text messages with one click instead of copying and pasting the same text message 1000 times.
  • Auto responders
    With Smstools you can make use of auto responders. These are predefined text messages that are sent when a recipient leaves a certain text message that recurs often. You can send text messages at a preset time and have it sent automatically through the texting software.

In which sectors is bulk sms used?

  • Retail
    Retail is one of the biggest sectors in the whole market. It is therefore logical that bulk sms is used within the retail sector. It is used within a shop to pass on stock changes, for crisis communication and much more.
  • Hospitality
    Smstools also plays a major role in the hospitality sector. Think of reservation reminders which we can automate for your business. This way you don't have to spend time and effort on this. Especially in these times, reservation reminders are a very popular tool. With these reservation reminders you can also include the Covid-19 measures that are in force at that moment in the reminder.  
  • Financial sector
    Smstools is also very popular within the financial sector. The most used trend within this sector is mainly SMS authentication. This makes all systems much more protected against unauthorised access. Other things that are used within the financial sector are automated payment reminders. This also saves a company a lot of time that can be spent elsewhere.
  • Events
    Within the events sector, Smstools SMS services are mainly used to communicate smoothly with employees. This way, the cooperation goes a lot smoother. Of course, promotion can also be done through bulk SMS messages. In cooperation with our other software, Coupontools, we can provide digital tickets in presale for festivals such as Tomorrowland.
  • Healthcare
    Also within the health care sector, bulk text messages are used a lot. A common thing is that doctors send appointment reminders to the patients so that the patients don't forget the appointment. In these appointment reminders, the doctor can easily attach the current Covid-19 measures. This way the client knows which measures are in force at that moment. In case of a possible corona outbreak at a school, a company can also make use of bulk text messaging. In this way, the school can act much faster and try to reduce the number of infections.
  • Government institutions
    The bulk SMS function is often used within government institutions to communicate efficiently and smoothly with the population and government employees. Some of the things that are done are sending reminders to residents who need to collect their papers from the municipality. This can be automated with the Smstools software. But a bulk SMS can also be used to inform the entire population in the event of a corona outbreak. This is essential in combating corona infections.
  • Sports sector
    Within the sports sector, bulk SMS is mainly used to communicate smoothly and efficiently with players, trainers, parents, staff... Of course, it can also be used to combat a corona outbreak within sports clubs. Automated text messages can also be sent, for example, to pay the membership fees for the new season. This can save a sports club a lot of time.
  • Educational institutions
    To efficiently reach parents, students and staff in a very short time. This is to report timetable changes, illness, unexcused absences, etc.

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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS
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