send sms online uk

Send SMS online (UK) from your PC and computer is a well-known way for professionals to carry out their advertising or information campaign by sending an SMS. Similar to online mailing software, the principle of sending and receiving SMS from your PC, such as Smstools, proves to be an indispensable tool for every marketer and professional.

Why is sending SMS online better than Email marketing?

  • Research has shown that SMS messages are perceived as less disruptive than emails.
  • No risk of disappearing unread into a spam folder.
  • Always read quickly: The attention value of SMS is almost 5x higher than email. 98% of all SMSes are read within 5 minutes.

Our SMS program contains various features so that it can be used in different applications. Whether you want to send SMS messages to communicate with customers, SMS mailings or to inform your employees, Smstools is always an efficient online SMS tool to send and receive SMS from your PC.

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send sms online uk

send sms online uk
send sms online uk
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