receive text online

Would you like to receive text messages online? This is possible with a virtual mobile number (vmn) at Smstools.

A virtual SMS number is efficient for two-way communication, allowing you to send and receive messages very easily via our online control panel or app.
It's a flexible and convenient way to stay in touch with your customers as the messages received are visible almost instantly and can be forwarded to an email address if desired.

  • A virtual SMS number looks like a normal mobile phone number so the messages will not be seen as spam. (3246xxxxx)
  • unlimited reception of SMS messages, without reception or storage fees
  • automatic collection and management of all messages received on this number
  • a reliable and high quality SMS reception service, monitored and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Would you like to experience the Smstools software for yourself? Then create a free trial account and buy a virtual mobile number online. After that you can send and receive text messages online immediately.

Send SMS marketing online with the #1 business text messaging platform

Sign up today and send your first message in minutes.

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receive text online

receive text online
receive text online very easily via our online control panel or app.
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