4 SMS tips for a successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday

4 sms-tips voor een succesvolle Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday came from the United States years ago. Recently, these bargain days are also extremely popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. These are the ideal days to stimulate your sales, and an SMS campaign can help you!

Why SMS marketing is the best choice for bargain days
93% of smartphone users always have their mobile phone within reach, and 98% of them read their messages immediately when they arrive. If we compare this with the 22% open ratio of e-mails, there is therefore a clear difference. So there is no better way to contact your target group.

1. Take advantage of the competition
The customers are flooded with promotional messages from your competitors. So make sure you clearly distinguish yourself from the crowd. This is possible by starting your campaign early.
Send a few days before Black Friday or Cyber Monday a reminder with your best promotions to inform your target group one last time that they have to be with you for their gifts.

2. Creativity is key
Being ahead of your competition is a good start, but you will have to step out of your comfort zone to really distinguish yourself from the rest. You can do this by being creative with your promotion. By creatively promoting and striking your promotions and offers, you can attract the attention of your target group that is already overwhelmed with promotional messages.

3. Segment your customer lists
The easiest thing to do is to send all your offers to your entire customer list. But this is not the right approach. It is better to segment your customer list into targeted groups. This will make the sale more successful, you will get fewer opt-outs, and your messages will not be considered spam/unwanted.

4. Create urgency on Black Friday
The promotions increase as Black Friday gets closer. Companies do this to create a sense of urgency with the customer. Through sentences such as "last units" and "ends tomorrow," you can make this feeling even stronger. This means that customers do not want to miss out on the offers and are more inclined to buy.

Do you also want to launch an SMS marketing campaign! Then be sure to create a trial account and send some test messages for free.

Black Friday Cyber Monday KortingenBlack Friday, Cyber Monday, Kortingen 4 sms-tips voor een succesvolle Black Friday & Cyber Monday

4 SMS tips for a successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday

4 SMS tips for a successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect days to stimulate your sales, and an SMS-campaign can help you with that!
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