Sending and receiving SMS messages over the Internet

Sending and receiving SMS messages over the Internet

Nowadays, many companies ask how they can send and receive text messages online. To send and receive a text message over the Internet, you need a virtual text number. But what are the options for sending and receiving a text message over the Internet? And what are the advantages? You'll find out in this article.

In what ways can you send and receive an SMS message over the Internet?


  • Voice messages
    You can send voice messages over the Internet. You do have to write a text first. You then convert this written text into a voice message. The recipient will receive the message as a recorded call. Voice messages can be sent to mobile numbers, landline numbers and VOIP numbers.

    The EMAIL2SMS function allows you to send an SMS message from your email program to cell phones. An email message is converted to a text message and delivered to your chosen mobile number. It works without additional software from any email program.

Both send and receive:

  • Virtual SMS number
    You need a virtual SMS number both when receiving and sending an SMS message over the Internet. A virtual SMS number is very efficient for two-way communication. When you send a text message, the customer can easily respond to it. This ensures higher interaction and engagement with the customer.

  • SIM hosting
    SIM hosting allows you to send and receive text messages from our API or software via your SIM card. The SIM card is always available, 24/7. When you receive a text message, you can easily forward it by email to a group of recipients or just one recipient.

  • Shortcode keyword
    A second way to receive online SMS messages is through a shortcode keyword. This shortcode allows you to receive online text messages through a shortened number, for example, 8888, in place of your full phone number. The important point is that you can only receive this with Belgian cell phone numbers. Foreign cell phone numbers cannot send to your shortcode. The shortcode keyword is available 24/7, and you can choose whether to make the senders pay for sending their SMS message.

What are the advantages of sending and receiving text messages online over the Internet?

  • Recipients can reply directly
    You can send text messages over the Internet with our software. Recipients can reply to them directly. This increases interaction and engagement with the customer.

  • Different possibilities for sending online text messages
    You have several possibilities to send an SMS message via the Internet, such as, for example, EMAIL2SMS, a virtual SMS number, SIM hosting, and voice messages. But of course, it doesn't stop here. Take a look at the Smstools website to discover even more possibilities.

  • Available 24/7
    You can receive an online text message via the Internet at any time of the day.

  • Efficient two-way communication
    Sending a text message over the Internet is ideal for efficient two-way communication. The recipient can easily reply to the messages you send. This creates higher interaction and engagement with the customer.

  • Extensive and user-friendly
    Smstools software is the most comprehensive and user-friendly software on the market. You can use our software with an infinite number of applications in a user-friendly way. 

  • You can receive text messages on different types of devices
    If you don't have your cell phone within reach at work, you can also receive the text message through other devices such as your laptop and tablet.

  • Simple and fast
    With our text messaging software, you can easily and quickly forward a received text message over email to the people concerned. You will receive the text message within 3-5 seconds after the sender has clicked on 'send.'



There are several ways to send and receive SMS messages online for your business. With Smstools, you are in the right place. We are the most user-friendly and comprehensive software on the market.

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Sending and receiving SMS messages over the Internet

Sending and receiving SMS messages over the Internet Smstools How can you send and receive SMS messages over the Internet?
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