3 Reasons why SMS is important in E-commerce

3 Reasons why SMS is important in E-commerce

The SMS may be as dated for some as the fax machine, but this simple technology can give you a winning edge in the current e-commerce world where the big internet giants almost supersede the small business. How can SMS help you? Simple, the consumer is more demanding than ever, and for them, it is only natural that their shopping experience runs smoothly and smoothly, and if there are problems, they want a quick solution. SMS can help you with this.
3 Redenen waarom sms belangrijk is in E-commerce

1. Offer extra service thanks to SMS
Whether you work as a global multinational or a courageous start-up, e-commerce is becoming increasingly complex. Purchasing power and distribution are no longer the decisive advantages, you need to find other ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Through SMS you can offer extra service such as updates, product and customer service, ... these small messages can improve the shopping experience and the satisfaction so that people return to your company.

2. Satisfy today's customer-centric experience
You are not the only supplier in the market; even if you were the sole retailer of a certain product locally, that does not mean that your customer can not find a similar product elsewhere at a lower price. To convince customers of your quality, you have to offer more than a smart webshop or interesting blog.

The experience, experience, and service that you offer to your customers is certainly so important nowadays. A customer is four times more likely to purchase a product from a competitor if they experience a problem with the service compared to the price or the product. 55% of consumers indicate that they are willing to pay more for a better shopping experience.

Price is still important, but it is no longer the focus of the customer. It is sometimes said that the customer is king, but nowadays, the customer wants to feel like a king in your store. Fast SMS updates and support can help improve the shopping experience.

3. SMS has numerous advantages
Customer service: if you choose that customers can respond to your text messages, they can easily communicate with your after-sales team

Fewer delivery problems: the high opening percentage (98%) of text messages ensures that almost all your customers know exactly when their order arrives, in contrast to and easily missed e-mails.

Always available: Always available: it is always possible that your customers do not have an internet connection at certain times. If you use SMS, your messages and notifications will always arrive, even if the recipient does not have Wi-Fi or 4G at that moment.


How can you use SMS in your shopping experience?
SMS is a cost-effective and multifunctional tool. Are you considering using SMS to answer your customers and send notifications and promotions quickly?

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3 Reasons why SMS is important in E-commerce

3 Reasons why SMS is important in E-commerce
The modest SMS maybe seems as dated as the fax machine. But this simple technology can give you a winning advantage.
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