3 ways to receive online SMS messages

3 ways to receive online SMS messages

Nowadays, many companies ask how they can send and receive online SMS messages. With the Smstools software, you can receive SMS messages from Belgium, the Netherlands, Argentina,... In short, from all corners of the world. To receive SMS messages online, you need a virtual SMS number. But what are the exact possibilities, and how can you receive online text messages? Let's find out!

What are the ways to receive text messages online?

  • Virtual mobile number
    A virtual mobile number is the first option for receiving online SMS messages. A virtual mobile number is very efficient for two-way communication. This is perfect when you want to send a bulk text message and get a reply to it. Incoming messages are immediately visible in your software's inbox. With a virtual mobile number, you also can set up autoresponders. Another great advantage is that you can receive text messages without a SIM card.
    Note that this cannot be used to receive 2FA codes.

  • Shortcode keyword
    A second option for receiving online SMS messages is through a shortcode keyword. This shortcode allows you to receive online text messages through a shortened number, for example, 8888 instead of your full phone number. The important point is that you can only receive this with Belgian cell phone numbers. Foreign cell phone numbers cannot send to your shortcode. The shortcode keyword is available 24/7, and you can choose whether to make the senders pay for sending their SMS message.
    Please note that this cannot be used to receive 2FA codes.

  • Sim-hosting
    Also, through the sim-hosting of Smstools, you can receive text messages online. You can also forward the received text messages directly by email to a group of recipients or even one recipient. You can send text messages from your own SIM card.

What are the advantages of receiving text messages online?

  • You can receive SMS messages on a variety of devices
    If you don't have your cell phone within reach at work, you can also receive the SMS message through other devices such as your laptop and tablet.
  • Simple and fast
    With our text messaging software, you can easily and quickly forward a received SMS message via e-mail to the people concerned. You will receive the text message within 3-5 seconds after the sender has clicked on 'send.'

  • Available 24/7
    You can receive an online SMS message at any time of the day.
  • Possibility to create automated messages
    At Smstools, it is possible to create automated messages. These messages can save you a lot of time and effort. Say a customer has an FAQ question, you can help them further with an automated message at any time of the day.

There are several ways to receive online SMS messages for your business. With Smstools, you can do this through a virtual mobile number, a shortcode keyword, or sim-hosting. These 3 options are perfect to use as a business to get quick responses from customers. There is also the possibility to save time and energy by creating automated messages. If you want to receive SMS messages online from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Brazil, or you name it, Smstools is the right place for you!

With Smstools, it's all effortless and user-friendly. Do you want to send an online text message to yourself or others? Then don't hesitate and create a free trial account!


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3 ways to receive online SMS messages

3 ways to receive online SMS messages Smstools How can you receive online SMS messages from any country in the world?
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