Sending SMS messages to Belgium

Sending SMS messages to Belgium

With Smstools, sending SMS messages to Belgium and Belgian recipients is a piece of cake. Furthermore, you enjoy the most advantageous rates. These rates vary according to your capital. The more messages you send, the better the price!

  1. Through the Smstools software

You can send SMS messages easily from the Smstools software. Import your contact list, draft a message and send it. It is also possible to schedule your messages through the Smstools software at specific times. In this way, you can draft your messages, and they will send them at the particular time you've scheduled. Furthermore, you can send SMS messages from almost any country to Belgium quite easily. Send group messages, buy your own or shared shortcode, SIM hosting,... At Smstools, we support you with advice and assistance. 

  1. Through SMS API

Through the SMS Gateway API from Smstools, you can send SMS messages quite easily. This requires development knowledge, but it will benefit you in the future. From the API, you can automate a lot of things. Make sure to take a look at the documentation about what is possible with the Smstools SMS Gateway API. You will find this here. In this way, you can, par example, send group messages from the API, but also remove and add contacts to your existing contact list. Very convenient!

Smstools is thé solution. But why?

  • The cheapest

No license costs, just your consumption is taken into account.


  • The most reliable

You can sleep on both ears, with Smstools, all of your messages arrive.


  • The most user-friendly

With the web-based software platform, you send your messages in a few clicks.


  • The most extensive

Send digital coupons, convert voice-messages into SMS or send SMS messages from your mail! With software, it all becomes possible!


  • The most interactive

Choose your virtual number, put on shortcodes and keywords, and enter a dialogue through SMS.


  • The most personalized

Personalize your messages for the recipient.


Do you want to send SMS messages towards or from Belgium? Create a test account and try it out yourself! Questions? Contact us! Sms berichten versturen naar België

Sending SMS messages to Belgium

Sending SMS messages to Belgium
How can I send SMS messages to Belgium?
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