Send bulk SMS mailing?

Send bulk SMS mailing?

SMS and e-mail are two communication-applications with different weaknesses and strengths. Apart from that, there are also many similarities. Thanks to the convenient EMAIL2SMS-function, you can send SMS mailings without problems. You can use our SMS software or our API-connections. 

With the help of Smstools, you can send an SMS mailing from any e-mail-software. There is no need for an extra software tool. Your e-mail will be directly converted into an SMS message and delivered to the selected recipients. 

What are the significant advantages of SMS towards e-mail?

  • Speed/reliability
    • Everyone has as good as always, his/her cellphone in the pocket. SMS messages are 'the way to go' if you need to spread crucial information quickly. Furthermore, many people do check SMS messages daily as opposed to e-mails.
  • Open rate
    • In contrast to e-mails, SMS messages are for 98% of the time read directly upon receipt.
  • Accessibility
    • SMS messages are accessible to everyone because there is no internet connection needed. It is very accessible for each individual, from young to old.
  • Personalized
    • The SMS message will be experienced more personally by the recipient.

Besides, it is also possible to let a device with an internet connection send an SMS independently. Think par example of e-mail interruption notifications that are automatically being converted into SMS messages for a quick follow-up.


So it is as simple as that. You can, through any e-mail software, with the help of Smstools, send SMS mailings in bulk to all of your recipients.

Do you want to send an SMS mailing yourself? Create a free trial account at Smstools, and you can send your first messages today!


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Send bulk SMS mailing?

Send bulk SMS mailing?
Sending SMS in bulk. With the Bulk SMS Mailing Tool from Smstools, you can send messages in bulk at the cheapest rates.
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