Tips for your text message marketing during and after Covid-19

These are uncertain times for many businesses. Tightening measures, forced closures but above all minimal perspective. Many companies don't know what to do and are losing faith. However, things can be different: try to do as much preparatory work as possible so that you can jump straight into action when the situation eases. I have listed some tips for your SMS marketing during and after Covid-19 in this article.

In lockdown:

Good preparation is half the battle!

If your business is forced to shut down during Corona Crisis, the most important thing is not to sit by and wait. Take a proactive approach and start preparing for future campaigns. That way, you can start immediately when you can. Below are a few things you can still do.

  • Collect customer data

Customer data is very useful. In the meantime, try to get hold of customer data that you can immediately use in better times. Use a simple contact form and place it on your website. Users can subscribe to this form using their cell phone number. That way you won't waste any time!

  • Work out preparatory campaigns

If you already have data, it is best to work out some SMS marketing campaigns. It will enable you to react quickly in better times and to act immediately. That way, you can use your 'time off' in a smart way.

  • SMS marketing to promote online activities

A physical closure does not always mean a cessation of all activities. Many companies reinvented themselves and now even maintain an online approach. Text message communication can play an important role here as well. You can use it to promote your services and confirmation messages, delivery messages, and pick-up messages.

When the government decides that reopenings are on the agenda again, you can launch one of the following campaign types. People will still be skeptical about store visits. How busy is it there? Do they follow the measures there? Respond to that with your SMS communication!

  1. Proactive text messaging

Don't wait until the last minute to inform customers about possible changes regarding your opening hours, pick-up options, or delivery time. It's best to send customers an informative text message about a possible change well in advance. You do not have to make this clear. Point out that there MAY be changes, and be sure to mention in your message that you will contact them further.  Best also know how you will inform them.

Customers prefer transparent communication. If they receive a last-minute text message about actual changes, will this also shake up their planning? The result? A dissatisfied customer.

  1. Back to business!

Is the government allowing reopening again? Good news! But do you also let your customers know about this? A simple text message can work wonders!
Are you taking a different approach? Is your company present online? Are you now focusing on takeout or deliveries! Let your customers know.

  1. SMS marketing

Use text messaging to communicate enticing promotions. A personalized text message with a promo incentive is a strong trigger to generate additional store visits.

  1. Extra service

Is a customer interested in an item you no longer have in stock? No worries. Ask for his mobile number and send the customer a message when it is available again. In this way, you stimulate his interest also. The customer loves personal service! 

So, these are our main tips for your SMS marketing during and after Covid-19.
The Covid-19 pandemic is far from an ideal situation for entrepreneurs. But don't get stuck with it. Focus on the things you CAN do that will certainly not hurt you in the future.

Create a free test account here and get your SMS marketing campaigns ready for launch!

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Tips for your text message marketing during and after Covid-19

Tips for your text message marketing during and after Covid-19
Text messaging during and after Covid-19
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