Sending group messages through SMS from an Excel-file

Sending group messages through SMS from an Excel-file

Customer data is the key to successful and targeted (digital) marketing. But do you also know that feeling? You've collected customer data, a full Excel file, but what's the next step? I explain step by step how to send group messages by SMS from an Excel file.

Step 1: Data collection

Start simple. Ask people to leave a cell phone number. How? Through a simple, digital, or paper contact form. With paper, you will still have to convert it manually to an Excel file.

Do you already have data?

You have already completed the most challenging step, the collection of customer data. Now we are going to use it effectively. Try to segment them in advance; this is useful for later.

Step 2: Import database
With the Smstools software, you can easily import ready-made Excel databases. You do this as follows: Log in to your Smstools account on this webpage. Then follow the instructions in the screenshot.

Then choose 'Advanced Group Import' (3).

Make sure this is in a logical order. You can also manage this during the upload, as shown in the screenshot below. You can also import field names to keep the overview.

Once this is done, you can start composing your message. Here to your database is applicable.

Step 3: Create a message based on your database

To compose your message go as follows: Go to 'Send SMS' (1). Then 'Group SMS' (2).

You can carefully select the group of recipients you want to send to. (1) Next, you can personalize the content of your message based on your database! So you can use field names like First name, Last name, birthday other custom fields in your message. These will then be replaced by the personal first name, last name, or birthday of the respective recipient. (2)

Step 4: Sending your message

Finally, you can choose to send your message immediately or schedule it for the desired time. (3)

Step 5: Analysis

One of the significant advantages of a digital approach is that you know exactly who interacts with your text messages.

It's that easy to send group text messages from an Excel file.
Are you planning to create a database with customer data? Is there a ready-made database in your drawer? Then let's use it effectively! Import your list and send your first text messages today!

Sign up for a FREE test account and try it yourself!

Do you still have questions? Contact us; we are happy to answer them.

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Sending group messages through SMS from an Excel-file

Sending group messages through SMS from an Excel-file
Sending bulk messages based on an Excel-database with customer data
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