How to reach clients before and after the corona crisis through SMS

How to reach your customers during the corona crisis through SMS messaging

The Covid-19 measures make us realize that effective and well-targeted communication is of significant importance in crisis situations. Many companies weren't prepared for a crisis with this impact and couldn't cope with it. This article will find you out more about SMS solutions for optimal customer contact during the corona crisis.

Smstools is thé solution. But why?

  • The cheapest

No license costs, just your consumption is taken into account.


  • The most reliable

You can sleep on both ears, with Smstools, all of your messages arrive.


  • The most user-friendly

With the web-based software platform, you send your messages in a few clicks.


  • The most extensive

Send digital coupons, convert voice-messages into SMS or send SMS messages from your mail! With software, it all becomes possible!


  • The most interactive

Choose your virtual number, put on shortcodes and keywords, and enter a dialogue through SMS.


  • The most personalized

Personalize your messages for the recipient.


How to communicate with your customer during the corona crisis

  1. Proactive SMS messages

Don't wait until the last moment to notify customers about possible changes in your opening hours, pick-up possibilities, or delivery time. The best you can do is to inform your customers well ahead of time about a possible modification. You don't have to make this though. Just point out that there will be POSSIBLE changes and mention in your message that you will be in touch with them. It is best to know how you're going to notify them.

  1. Back to business!

Does the government allow you to reopen? Great! But don't forget to inform your customers about this. A simple SMS message can perform miracles!

Do your change your tack? Is your company present online? Your company focuses on pick-up possibilities or on delivering? Let your customers know!

  1. SMS marketing

Use SMS communication to communicate attractive promotions. A personal SMS message with a promo incentive is a powerful trigger to generate extra store visits.

  1. Extra service

Is your customer interested in an item that you don't have in stock? No worries. Ask for his phone number and send the customer a message when the product is back in stock. In this way, you trigger his interest again. The client loves personal service!

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How to reach clients before and after the corona crisis through SMS

How to reach clients before and after the corona crisis through SMS
Effective SMS-communication during the Covid-19 pandemic
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