Inform your target group easily with SMS notifications

Inform your target group easily with SMS notifications

Do you want to send notifications quickly and very focused on your customers or employees? Then SMS is the best channel for that. Almost no one leaves the house without his smartphone in his pocket or the handbag. It is sometimes said that our smartphone is grown with our hand, and that is what you as a company have to use.

There are many ways to use SMS in the communication mix of your company. But SMS is especially interesting when quickly communicating to a specific group.

  • Is there a crisis, and does the building have to be evacuated?
  • Is there a malfunction in your server room?
  • Do you want to call up civilian helpers for a resuscitation?
  • Is there a sale that you want to invite your VIP customers to?

Informeer uw doelgroep eenvoudig met sms-notificaties

You can easily send an SMS notification via our platform to reach these people quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the online sending of business SMS messages is easier than ever, you can now easily send them from your computer with our intuitive online interface. Therefore, both large and small companies already use this technique to send notifications to their target group.

Send your text messages online
Companies worldwide already use text messages to reach their target group, locally or globally, quickly. In just a few minutes, you can send your messages from our interface. An SMS to one or a million recipients? Smstools always guarantees the same speed and quality. By dividing your database into various segments, you get the maximum out of your mobile communication, even without technical skills.

The benefits of the Smstools
Do you also want to make the most of your communication and easily inform your target group or employees? Then create a test account now and enjoy the following benefits:


  • Create a brand new marketing campaign in minutes
  • Send an SMS notification from your computer in just a few clicks
  • Real-time delivery and statistics show you how many messages have already been read
  • Connect our platform to your own software with SMS API
  • Direct connection with operators

Smstools stands for reliability and scalability. Thanks to our direct connections with operators, you can always count on fast and good delivery. Wherever in the world, at our competitive rates.


notificaties vanaf je PC notificaties snel gemakkelijknotificaties vanaf je PC, notificaties, snel, gemakkelijk Informeer uw doelgroep eenvoudig met sms-notificaties

Inform your target group easily with SMS notifications

Inform your target group easily with SMS notifications
Do you want to send highly targeted notifications to your clients or colleagues? Then Sms is the best channel to do so ,and Smstools can help you with it.
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