Emerging trends in text message marketing and text message communication in 2021

Emerging trends in text message marketing and text message communication in 2021

The chaotic year of 2020 was a barnyard year for text messaging. Many companies resorted to the "old familiar" to make sure they were reaching the right people on time. We shine our light on the impact of what happened in 2020 and what 2021 has in store.

  1. Impact of corona
  • Traditional text messaging in times of crisis

Before the corona crisis, many labeled text messaging as "dated. However, it was noticeable that people quickly revert to the 'old familiar' when the needs are high.

For example, many companies used SMS communication (again) to reach the right group quickly in times of crisis.

Why SMS? Simple. Text messages are received by (almost) all walks of life. Unlike emails, social media, or others. Plus, they are read promptly upon receipt. Something that is vital in times of crisis when crucial information needs to be delivered quickly.

  • Digital SMS marketing after corona

Text messages are also being pulled from under the dust again for digital marketing purposes. When companies and stores are allowed to open their doors again, many (potential) customers are still skeptical about possible (health) risks. You have to disprove these.

That is why SMS is also frequently used for 'back-to-store' marketing campaigns. These campaigns spread the most tempting promos and indicate the measures they are taking to ensure the safest possible shopping environment. First, try to reassure the consumer and then try to enthuse them to visit the store.


  1. 2-way communication by SMS

In recent years there has been an increasing demand for communication tools to enter into dialogue with the target group. In the past, traditional SMS communication was mainly associated with one-way communication. It is different nowadays.

Today it is entirely possible to send text messages to which the recipient can then respond. In this way, you can easily ask the recipient his opinion, launch a concise market survey or get the customer to sign up for a new promotion or newsletter.

Buy a virtual SMS number to be able to send 2-way text messages.  You can find more info about virtual SMS numbers here.

  1. Digital marketing by SMS

As is widely known, 99% of text messages are read almost immediately upon receipt. That is why this remains a perfect medium for digital marketing initiatives.

In fact, through Smstools, you can include your latest digital coupons in your text messages. Use text messages for targeted calls to action that make the recipient consider a store visit. A digital discount coupon, for example, is already a strong incentive to trigger store visits.

Moreover, you can perfectly retrieve in the statistics who viewed the digital coupon and eventually used it.


  1. Personalized SMS messages

Through the optimization of SMS technology over the years, there are endless personalization possibilities. You can address the recipient by his or her name, but it goes much further.

Schedule birthday reminders and deliver an automated, personalized message to the birthday person.

Did a visitor fill their shopping cart but not checkout? Do you have a phone number? Send this visitor a personalized reminder to complete his action.

If you think that text messaging technology is dead and buried, you are missing out on a bunch of useful features that text messaging still has to offer. For example, it is still one of the fastest, most reliable, cheapest, and most personal communication channels. Moreover, it is accessible to all sections of the population and does not exclude anyone. Does this seem like something for your business? Contact us, or create a free trial account below.


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Emerging trends in text message marketing and text message communication in 2021

Emerging trends in text message marketing and text message communication in 2021
A look at SMS communication in 2021
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