SMS marketing for retail: what are the benefits?

SMS marketing for retail is the ideal communication channel. Unlike most industries, the retail sector as a whole does not have a specific target audience. In other words, due to the nature of their business, every person is truly a target. Text message marketing is similar in that it can target just about anyone around the world. It is easy and so effective.

Benefits of SMS marketing for retailers
SMS marketing offers many benefits to retail businesses. That is why it has been used for decades and is considered one of the most effective marketing channels. Let's list some of the key benefits of SMS marketing for retailers.

Which retailers?
Retailers and retailers come in all shapes and sizes. From the corner bakery to the chain store in town, every retailer can benefit from a successful SMS marketing campaign. Below are some typical retailers and retailers from our customer base.

  • Clothing shops
  • Baby specialty stores
  • Car dealers
  • Bicycle stores
  • Do-it-yourself store
  • Perfumery
  • Optics
  • Department store
  • Paint stores
  • Toy stores
  • Sport shops
  • Bookstore

It's cheap and affordable
No matter how successful and financially stable your store is, it never hurts to do marketing affordably. Compared to any other form of marketing, text messaging is the cheapest option. But affordability doesn't affect efficiency at all, so don't worry.

It offers you global reach 
SMS marketing has a limitless reach. You can send your SMS campaign to any destination in the world. However, do this with caution because if you target an unsuitable demographic, it won't yield results, making your campaign useless. Also, always poll for foreign message rates first, so you don't have any expensive surprises.

Response and open rates
Text messages have the highest interaction rate of any communication channel in the world. With an open rate of around 98% and a conversion rate around 30-40%. Thus, text messages prove, once again, their effectiveness.

SMS marketing increases customer engagement and loyalty 
Just as every store likes to have many different customers, the real work always comes from repeat customers. To build a base of loyal customers, there are many steps stores must take to achieve this. The most important is customer engagement. Text message marketing can facilitate that by forming a two-way communication between the store and the customer. Facilitating this communication leads to building customer loyalty, which in turn leads to more sales.

Here are some more examples of what you can send as a retailer via text message:

  • New arrivals - Promote your new arrivals to the customers who have previously shown interest in similar products or items.
  • Back in stock - The best way to inform customers who have looked at an out-of-stock product online that they are back in stock.
  • Abandoned cart - Reminding customers of their abandoned cart and encouraging them to complete the purchase.

Text messaging is one of the most powerful communication tools.  Send targeted digital marketing campaigns to all your recipients to boost your conversions and sales.

Create your trial account now and send your first messages today!

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SMS marketing for retail: what are the benefits?

SMS marketing for retail: what are the benefits?
Effective text message marketing for retailers and retailers
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