Send digital coupons via text message on Black Friday

Send digital coupons via text message on Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us again. So let the crazy discounts break loose again. But what exactly is Black Friday? Can I use SMS communication to promote my Black Friday deals? All these questions will be answered here!

What is Black Friday?
The day after Thanksgiving, traditionally the 4th Friday in November. On this day, merchants offer huge discounts on numerous products.

The term Black Friday originated in America. Black Friday was used to referring to the heavy traffic in the city. But also, the saying 'going from red to black' has something to do with it. Black Friday is said to be the reference point at which most stores finally generate profits. It reflects the importance of the end of year period for the year result is.

Likewise, there is also Cyber Monday. This is effectively its digital/online counterpart. Where Black Friday encourages store visits, Cyber Monday puts the focus on ordering online.

Texting for Black Friday? Here's why!
Text messaging is a great way to reach the right audience quickly and efficiently. We see this among our clients. On Black Friday, record numbers of text messages are sent by Smstools.

Why SMS campaigns via Smstools?

  • Fast & efficient
  • Personal
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Huge open ratio. 99% of cases read within 5 minutes.
  • Digital discount coupons by SMS
  • User-friendly
  • Free usage. Only pay for usage.


Sending out your SMS campaign: 3 rules of thumb:
Our customers prefer to send multiple text messages around Black Friday.

1) The Introduction
Let the recipient know that a huge discount is waiting for him. Informs him of the timing, the conditions and encourages the recipient to take further action.

2) The reminder on Black Friday itself
This is often sent on the holiday itself. But to stand out a bit, this is often already the 2nd contact moment instead of the introduction. The purpose of this message is to remind the recipient that the deal is still active, where to find it and how long it will last.

3) The Last Chance
This is the text message on the day your promotion will end. You want to give the recipient one last chance to still proceed with the purchase. Often words like "time is running out" or "last chance," or "don't miss this" are added to create the necessary urgency.
What is the best time to send it out?
Pinpointing the most effective time is tricky. It depends on the industry. We can conclude that the most popular times are 8 am, 10 am and 8 pm. Between 13-15h were also popular times. You have to know your audience to offer them the right SMS at the right time!

How do you fill your text message?
Of course, you need to fill the text message with relevant content. A digital discount coupon is a perfect tool for this. With our in-house software tool Coupontools, you can create, distribute, and validate your own digital coupons. First, you design the coupon and configure the settings. Then you add the coupon URL to your messages using our SMS software. The URL is in the message so that the recipient can go directly to his coupon! The recipient follows the steps on the digital coupon and eventually has this coupon validated by the checkout clerk to get the discount. Below are some great examples of our different coupon types!

Don't let Black Friday pass you by as a merchant. SMS is one of the most powerful communication tools.  Send targeted digital marketing campaigns to all your recipients and boost your conversions and sales.

Create your trial account now and send your first messages today!

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Send digital coupons via text message on Black Friday

Send digital coupons via text message on Black Friday
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