How to set up effective SMS marketing campaigns for politics?

When do you know when election season is upon us again? Right. When the traditional campaign signs are once again lined up along the road. This is not going to change anytime soon, either. However, another change can be observed in the political landscape. Texting to maintain and improve the bond with their supporters and members.

Establishing and maintaining a relationship with your supporters is crucial. After all, these are the people who will ultimately vote. Through SMS communication, you can easily approach them personally. Isn't that much more efficient than a roadside billboard? Moreover, it opens up many more doors to bond with your supporters.

Why SMS?
SMS communication is the perfect middle ground between the traditional approach and a digital approach. Since the oldest generation is not yet so familiar with smartphones but has already embraced text messaging, SMS offers the perfect solution to reach all strata of society. Another asset is that 99% of text messages are read within 5 minutes of receipt. Furthermore, SMS communication is very personal, cost-effective, and user-friendly. Moreover, it is fully traceable. This results in interesting statistics regarding the recipients, open ratio of your messages, or engagement rate of your audience.

What can you send by SMS?

  • Events

Announce targeted events to your supporters via an SMS message. Send announcements and reminders to your supporters to encourage them to attend your party conference, debate, or another event. Approaching your supporters in a personal way increases both engagement and turnout.

  • Congratulation and wishes

With Smstools, you can automatically send text messages on important holidays. For example, you can wish your supporters a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, or a happy national holiday.

There is more!
Set up reminders in Smstools and automatically send personalized text messages to birthday followers.

The recipient appreciates these items. It emphasizes the human aspect of your party and benefits the community feel.

  • Polls and surveys

With Smstools, you can segment your contact data to send targeted polls/queries/polls. You can compose your own groups and send targeted messages based on your recipients' lives or other data. This way, you decide who can participate in which survey.

  • Polls

Ask a question in your text message. Set specific keywords and let your recipients respond to your statements. The recipient must answer your text message with a predetermined answer. Check out the example.
E.g., Are you satisfied with the state of the bike lanes in your community? Answer with 'YES' or 'NO' to participate in this survey.

  • Surveys 

In your text messages, you can also communicate the URL that leads to a larger survey. This way, you can direct the recipient to large-scale, anonymous surveys.
Keep your supporters personally informed of the goings-on at your party. Give them updates and engage them. For example, you can inform them of program changes, party news, general news.
By getting your supporters more involved in your party, you create an engaged audience.

  • Sponsorships and donations

Get your supporters excited about donations to your party. Approach them via a personal text message. Explain your plan, why the donations are necessary, and what will happen with them.  Communicate the link or how to complete the donation. Set up an automatic "thank you" text message for the successful donors.

So you see, text message communication is a user-friendly and cost-effective medium to reach your supporters in a personal way. Your party gets to know its supporters better. In turn, the supporters feel more appreciated. SMS communication is an extremely efficient method to build, maintain, and activate a community!

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Politieke marketing sms-marketing sms-communicatiePolitieke marketing, sms-marketing, sms-communicatie Hoe effectieve sms-marketing campagnes voor politiek opzetten?

How to set up effective SMS marketing campaigns for politics?

How to set up effective SMS marketing campaigns for politics?
How to get started?
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