Effective SMS marketing communications for businesses

Effective SMS marketing communications for businesses

When it comes to marketing, one of the most frequently asked questions is, "What should we do to reach our customers?" text message marketing, of course. And here's why.

If we take a closer look at consumer behavior and preferences, it is clear that we have entered a new era of communication. Nevertheless, traditional text messaging remains one of the strongest and most reliable mediums.
According to a recent study, Belgians send 2.27 trillion text messages every year. The average Belgian looks at his cell phone 80 times a day. 90% of text messages are read within three minutes. With mobile marketing, you can reach consumers wherever you want, whenever you want. Companies can communicate important and time-sensitive information to people quickly and in real-time.

Some tips for text message marketing

  • Keep messages short.

Individual text messages are limited to 160 characters. Ideally, text messages should take no longer than five seconds to read. You want to make sure you don't lose the customer's attention. Therefore, always be brief and concise to ensure that the reader fully absorbs your message.

  • Don't send too many messages.

If you flood the customer's phone with too many messages, you will often be blocked. No more than 3-5 messages per month are recommended. It would help if you focused on a reason: new products, upcoming sales, closings, appointment reminders, etc.

  • Add links to your posts.

Create a post that makes consumers want to know more. Add a link to your website or social media account so they can get more information, place an order, or sign up.

  • Always identify yourself.

Always mention your company name or at least a product that your customers know is from your company. This is even more important if you use a shortcode or shared shortcode to send the messages. Without a reliable sender, your SMS campaign is doomed to fail.

Many businesses embrace SMS marketing to engage customers better because people are on their cell phones more than ever. How many people can even say they checked their email more recently than their phone?

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Effective SMS marketing communications for businesses

Effective SMS marketing communications for businesses
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