How to set up effective Internal SMS Communications for my company during Covid-19

Crisis communication is often relegated to the background because it is initially considered irrelevant. FALSE. When a crisis arises, you're glad you have something to fall back on. Plus, a crisis communication plan is often written at a more quiet time, which reduces unnecessary mistakes. Check out our 4 tips for communicating crystal clear in times of crisis below.

Be prepared
A good plan is half the battle. It's no different in crises. I can already hear you thinking: you can never be prepared for a pandemic of this magnitude, can you? Correct, maybe not in terms of content. But if you already have a clear communication structure in place, you will have come a long way. Because you already have clear communication channels in mind, all you have to do at that moment is to fill in this structure. Much more efficient than having to put everything in place at the last minute. Ensure you clearly know what media you want to use, which staff groups you can inform, and a clear division of tasks you will use. Make sure that it remains up-to-date. If you have to tinker with this during a crisis, valuable time is lost, and unnecessary mistakes are more likely to creep into your communication.

Respond proactively 
Transparent and clear internal communication is always vital. But in crises, this is underlined once again. Crisis situations raise many questions among your staff. The trick is to be just one step ahead of them. Prevent a barrage of questions by proactively answering the most pressing questions with common sense. In this way, you put your staff members at ease.

If you communicate measures before you are obliged to, you light your organization positively with staff members. They get the feeling that you genuinely have their best interests at heart. Isn't that what you are aiming for?

Be honest
"Even though the lie is so fast, the truth will catch up with it." Honesty is crucial. Don't try to cover up a crisis to portray your company in a more positive light. Honesty is appreciated. Therefore, communicate openly and transparently about all matters. Also, the negative ones.

The right medium/media
If you have a clear crisis communication structure in place beforehand, this aspect is already covered. For crisis communication, it is best to choose a reliable and fast medium. SMS scores best in this respect. What's more, you can also easily reach your staff members during days off. While (work) e-mails are often only checked the next morning, or after the weekend, your staff will have a smartphone in their pocket at all times. It will help if you take advantage of that.

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How to set up effective Internal SMS Communications for my company during Covid-19

How to set up effective Internal SMS Communications for my company during Covid-19
Internal communication is vital. The Covid-19 issue has reemphasized that.
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