5 rules of thumb for fast and efficient crisis communication

Crisis management is essential because many companies will experience one at some point. In such cases, you must react quickly and uniformly. No comment' is the only conceivable scenario. So use these handy tips to be ready when a crisis occurs. After all, good preparation is half the battle.

1. Be prepared
To avoid acting like a headless chicken when a crisis arises, it is necessary to have a clear crisis plan. How do I communicate? Who needs to know what? What 'tone of voice'? This is all in your plan. Make sure you can always fall back on a plan during a crisis. Because if you don't communicate correctly, you run the risk of causing more image damage.

2. Provide template messages
In most cases, it is useful to provide 'template' messages to act quickly. When you prepare possible messages or responses, you save time for essential things during a crisis. 

3. Understand the situation
Try to communicate accurate information at all times. One requirement is that you understand the situation well. Do you not yet? Then be honest and say that we are analyzing and monitoring the situation and that the statement will follow later. It is better to delay than to communicate incorrect information. When you are fully informed about the crisis, you must provide your stakeholders with correct information.

4. Stay human
Always be aware that every person reacts differently. It is essential to listen first and then formulate a reasoned and correct answer. Say that you are also concerned and alarmed about the situation and working actively to solve it.

5. The right channel
There are many different communication channels, each with its specific strengths. However, the most successful channels in crisis times remain the mass communication channels such as text messages and emails. Text messaging remains the most popular in times of crisis. Probably because of its huge open rates (99%), speed, and reliability. That's why text messaging remains an efficient way to reach people quickly on a large scale. Therefore, you must have an "SMS software platform" in the closet for when it's really needed. Otherwise, you run the risk of being behind the times from the start.

TIP: With Smstools, you only pay for your usage, and there are no license fees. Therefore, it is advisable to get to grips with the platform in quieter days and prepare 'template' messages. In this way, you can be on the ball in times of crisis. It costs you nothing to have these on hand but can save you a lot of time, effort, and gray hair when a crisis arises.

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5 rules of thumb for fast and efficient crisis communication

5 rules of thumb for fast and efficient crisis communication
5 basic principles of effective crisis communication.
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