5 ways to use SMS in your company

There are countless ways to use text messaging in your company. You can send login codes for access, a quick reminder, fun birthday wishes, schedules ... to customers and colleagues. The applications are almost endless. We have listed a few for you.

1. SMS as appointment reminder

8 manieren om sms te gebruiken in uw onderneming
A customer books an appointment or reservation but doesn't show up. A very unpleasant situation that you surely recognize. Doctors, dentists, restaurateurs, hotel managers, lawyers, ... everyone will have experienced it at least once. There is a good chance that you have already incurred expenses in preparation for the appointment. If the customer doesn't show up, you've lost that and the fact that you aren't generating any turnover. Thanks to SMS notifications, you can reduce the number of no-shows drastically by sending a reminder about the appointment or reservation with you.

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2. SMS For Job Planners

5 ways to use SMS in your company
For the logistics department or HR department of a company, it remains a challenge to get the logistic work planning in order. Especially if changes are made last minute. It is important that replacement is quickly found in such situations, and the necessary information needs to be delivered quickly to the right person. An SMS is an ideal medium in this situation. Texts are, in fact, usually opened within the first 5 minutes of receiving, so you can be sure that your message will be read quickly.

For example, an employment agency specializing in flexible jobs uses text messaging to inform students about available jobs and ask them whether they are available. This way, they try to fill in their vacancies as quickly as possible. Responses to their messages are automatically delivered in their mailbox or web environment.

3. SMS as an internal communication and notification tool

5 ways to use SMS in your company
SMS is an ideal communication medium for short and concise messages because messages are often opened and read immediately. SMS messages can also stimulate and improve satisfaction/personalization among customers, colleagues, and employees. Send Smstools' easy birthday wishes and let them know that you think of them on their special day.

4. SMS as part of the marketing mix

5 ways to use SMS in your company
A company's marketing department is always looking for the optimal mix of communication media and channels to reach the right audience. The possibilities to use SMS within the marketing mix are diverse. If you use SMS as a marketing tool, it is possible to personalize both the text and the message's sender. The target group can also respond to received messages.

5. SMS Alerts in case of problems

5 ways to use SMS in your company
An IT department of a company needs to know when a website is down, the servers are out, or when the server room's air conditioning malfunctions. If this is not constantly monitored, it is possible that this is not immediately noticed. By setting up automated SMS Alerts, the set numbers are immediately notified when a certain check goes off. This way, immediate action can be taken, and you avoid high and unnecessary costs.

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5 ways to use SMS in your company

5 ways to use SMS in your company
SMS as appointment reminder and for job planners, how to deal with it?
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