4 ways to sent text messages to customers

Why would you send an SMS message to your clients?

- SMS has a 99% open rate
- The messages will mostly be read 15 minutes upon receipt.

Do you know a lot of adults without a mobile?
How about company owners without one?
Have you ever had a customer without a mobile?

SMS marketing is ideal for sharing short updates or promotions with your customers. It is suitable for retail (shops).


In which ways can I send SMS messages to my customers?

- Through our SMS software(no installation required)
- Through email2SMS
- Through our SMS API
- Through our Smstools app

Why Smstools?


With Smstools, you can instantly send hundreds or thousands of SMS messages to your customers.
We have 15 years of experience with SMS marketing.
No fixed subscription fees. You only pay per SMS message you send. 

Create a free trial account and try it out today!

sms versturenklantensms versturen,klanten 4 manieren om sms berichten te versturen naar klanten

4 ways to sent text messages to customers

4 ways to sent text messages to customers
Why would I send an SMS to my clients and in which ways can I do that?
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