SMS payment reminders

SMS payment reminders

Receiving payments on time is a challenge for many companies. Late payments can cause financial problems and negatively impact cash flow. Following up on outstanding invoices can also take up a lot of time and resources. One solution to this problem can be using our SMS payment reminders.

Who are we?

Smstools is an online platform that allows businesses to send SMS messages to their customers and potential customers. Our platform offers several services, including SMS marketing, SMS notifications, and SMS payment reminders. Our user-friendly platform can be integrated with various other software applications, such as CRM and accounting.

How do SMS payment reminders work?

SMS payment reminders are short messages sent to customers to remind them that a payment has not yet been received. These messages can be personalized in several ways, including the customer's name and invoice number. The messages can also include links to an online payment page or a phone number the customer can call to initiate payment.

The advantage of SMS payment reminders is that they can quickly and effectively remind customers that payment has not yet been received. SMS messages are read and responded to quickly, reducing the risk of forgotten payments.

SMS payment reminders

What are the benefits of SMS payment reminders?

Improved cash flow: By quickly and effectively reminding their customers of outstanding invoices, companies can ensure that payments are received on time, improving their cash flow.

Cost savings: Following up on outstanding invoices can cost a lot of time and resources. By using SMS payment reminders, companies can reduce these costs and free up their employees for other tasks.

Better customer relations: By ending reminders via SMS, customers can be reminded of their payment obligations without being perceived as intrusive. In addition, offering online payment options can increase customer satisfaction.

Increased efficiency: Using automated SMS messages can improve the efficiency of the payment process and reduce errors.


SMS payment reminders are a smart way for businesses to collect timely payments. By using automated SMS messages, businesses can improve payment process efficiency and increase customer satisfaction while saving costs and improving cash flow. With our services, businesses find a reliable and effective way to achieve this.

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Sms payment remindersSms payment reminders SMS betaalherinneringen

SMS payment reminders

SMS payment reminders
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