What is SMS marketing software?

What is SMS marketing software?

A text message is certainly nothing new. However, the possibilities keep advancing. Some even declare text messaging dated or dead. Alternatives like WhatsApp and Messenger are gaining a lot of popularity, but traditional text messaging still has a lot to offer.

What is SMS marketing?
Companies use text messaging in their marketing strategy. This is because SMS is an ideal way to communicate with their customers and employees. These messages could be about:

  • Advertising
  • Product launches
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Appointment reminders
  • Internal work schedules

Wat is sms-marketingsoftware?

What is text message marketing software?
Companies like Smstools develop and sell SMS marketing software. This software allows other businesses to send text messages to their customers through an easy-to-use and organized platform. This eliminates the need to manually send a message to all your customers using your own smartphone. Thanks to an online application or website, you can upload contacts en masse, send messages, but also analyze your results.

We developed our own marketing software a few years ago and are still perfecting our platform to this day. This allows companies and businesses to contact their own customers via SMS in a very user-friendly way.

- Delivery guarantee thanks to powerful software
With our powerful software, you can send a (very) a large number of messages to many recipients without any problems. 10, 15, 50, 100, or even 500 thousand, it doesn't matter to our software. Smstools sends your SMS messages to all your customers without any problem.

- Easily analyze your campaign
Our software will not only help you send your messages but also analyze your data and statistics. Thanks to our statistics, you can immediately see how many messages were successfully delivered, how many people responded to them, and the number of recipients who clicked on the added link.

- Easily ask your customers for feedback
Want to know what your customers thought of your recent product launch?  Want to know their opinion on customer service? Thanks to our SMS surveys, your customers can quickly give their opinion, and you can export all the data and answers in one easy step.

- Upload and manage your contacts easily
The success of your SMS campaign depends on the quality of your customer base. In our system, you can not only upload all your contacts, but you can also divide them into different segments and contact groups.

- Develop the ideal landing page for your campaign
Smstools always advise putting a link to the website in your messages. However, do you want your customers to end up on a special landing page and not on your website's regular home page? This is possible! Create your own landing page tailored to your message.

Create your free trial account here and send your first messages today!

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What is SMS marketing software?

What is SMS marketing software?
Discover what SMS-marketing software exactly contains and how Smstools can help you to communicate smoother and how they can help you to communicate very directly with your clients
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