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Do you want to send SMS messages on the internet to a group of receivers anywhere in the world the easy way?
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With Smstools you use the most versatile SMS software on the market!

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SMS communicatie , voice messages, virtuele sms nummers

Reach everyone through SMS, voice messages and email

Smstools is a user-friendly and versatile platform for all your digital communication! Our software offers extensive options for SMS communication tailored to large and small businesses.

Receive SMS messages in several ways

With Smstools you can use virtual SMS numbers, SIM hosting and premium short code keywords to receive messages and automatically process data.

High delivery quality

When you send SMS messages you naturally want them to be well received. With Smstools you are assured of a high delivery quality all around the world.

Easy integration

With our SMS API, you can extend your software with SMS integrations. Integrating our SMS API is very easy so you can quickly connect your website or software to our powerful SMS platform.

SMS API integratie voor hoge afleverkwaliteit in België
Verstuur SMSen via onze handige app

Send text messages with our handy app

The Smstools Control Panel app allows you to instantly send group SMS messages from your smartphone.

Work with a trusted partner

Since the start-up in 2004, Smstools has become one of the market leaders in Belgium for sending bulk SMS messages through web-based software applications.

Bulk Sending SMS has never been so easy and efficient.

Start today with Smstools for sending Bulk SMS.